Activity -11 :- Varagi Camp Sewing Centre Girls sewing course completion Ceremony on 25-Sep-16

Activity-10- Independence Day (15-08-16)Celebration with Chandighat & Varigi Camp Centre children .

ACTIVITY-9-SSSS has started a regular Mobile bhandara twice in a month(1st Sunday at Hanumanji Mandir ,Manasa Deviji Arambh Marg & 3rd Sunday at Daksh Prajapati,Sheetala Mata & Mayapuri Haridwar) from Dec-15 onwards.

Activity 8 :- Distributed Fruites to Patients at Govt.Hospital,Haridwar on the occuasion of Lal Bahadur Shastriji's 111th Jayanti dated 2nd Oct 2015.

Activity 7 :-Opened Sewing Learning Centre for Women at Varagi Camp Slum Area,Haridwar from Dated 21st Sep 2015

Activity 6 :- Organised a 24 hours Bhandara for Lord Shiva's Follower at Doulatpur,Old Roorkee Road,Haridwar from 2nd Aug to 10th Aug-2015 ,Where approxi.15000 person has taken Food,Stay,Bath & Medical Facilities.

Activity 5 :-Provided Shed & partially adopted 100 Childrens from Chandighat Slum Area,Haridwar for Education purpose (Exp. bear by SSSS) from dated 05/03/2015.

Activity 4 :- Blankets & Slippers distribution to roadside poor peoples in Winter season on dated 20-Dec-2014.
Activity 3 :- Blankets & Fruits distribution to Govt. Hospital,Haridwar's patient on dated 05-Dec-2014
Activity 2 :-Medical Camp at Chidanand Kusth Ashram,Under Chandighat Bridge(Haridwar) on dated 14-Nov-2014
Activity 1 :- Ganga Mata Statue painted at Har ki Pouri(Haridwar) on dated 19-Oct-2014